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Welcome to KMJ Coaching & Consulting

Welcome to KMJ Coaching and Consulting.

We are personally invested in facilitating Justice, Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion within companies, organizations, and schools.

Coaching, Training, Advocacy, Mediation, a Resource Hub for Media Relations, and Talent Pool can all be found here as your Inclusion hub.

Companies large and small need to construct their policies statements goals set, train their people, and connect with Diverse Talent. Navigating the rapidly changing social landscape is key to avoiding complicated internal issues, legal challenges, or unwanted media attention.

We are the HR/PR department you may not have or the assistant to the HR/PR specialists you do have. Schools and Post Secondary Institutions have to adjust to ensure students get the best quality education they can during the Pandemic and manage the challenging discussions around Diversity that have to be had.

Let us take on that task so you can focus on teaching. If you have a situation where you need guidance in advocating for yourself as a student, parent, or employee, we can assist you or your legal representative of the changing landscape of Diversity is Mental Health and Wellness. We offer services that address this aspect for BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Colour) by our trained professionals.

We acknowledge that we live, work, and play on the traditional territories and lands of Indigenous Nations!

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You may have the Diversity, but have gaps in creating a corporate culture where everyone knows they are an integral part .We have many creative solutions to get you closer to your goal of Inclusion. Why not know for sure if you have a positive culture instead of assuming? Such assumptions have the potential to breed apathy, lower morale, and affect your bottom line.

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