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Schools & Post Secondary Institutions

Institutions of learning should be the safest places to explore the world, question, and form the foundations of our perceptions for a lifetime. The learning environment and its educators helps shape who we become, or do not become. Unfortunately, discrimination in schools is also a common experience many students, educators, and parents in marginalized groups share. It must be the standard that our young people feel empowered and heard within these structures. Parents, Guardians, and other supports must know that their input is welcomed, valued, and prioritized for the benefit of the student. Throughout the ranks from Campus leadership to Educational Assistants and Supply Teachers, Diversity needs to be a key focus for the future of learning. We can support on-line learning platforms with age-appropriate experiences to help younger and post-secondary students gain a fuller understanding of the social contructs we all bring as a part of us to classrooms. Training for Staff is also a priority as the centre of influence for students